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Mid Columbia Engineering is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NuVision Engineering, Inc.  MCE has a mature, fully implemented NQA-1 Quality Assurance program and specializes in the design/build/test applications of mechanical handling and process systems for Government Agencies. MCE has been the engineering, fabrication, and testing source of components and systems for some of the most prominent projects in the DOE EM program including the Waste Treatment Plant at Hanford, the DUF6 conversion plant at Paducah and the WSB facility at Savannah River.
MCE's design/build/test capabilities has allowed the successful development of specially designed electromechanical equipment, large equipment enclosures, process skids, glove box process and equipment systems, high-pressure pump skids, hydraulic power skids, and other prototypic and multiple unit equipment. MCE serves a wide range of commercial and government clients in demanding industries such as commercial nuclear power, Department of Energy facilities throughout the U. S., Department of Homeland Security, and the environmental clean-up industry.

MCE's experienced engineering staff delivers seamless service from initial concepts, through all stages of fabrication, to equipment installation and prove out. Our integrated approach to project planning and execution enables us to maintain close project supervision during the design and assembly process to ensure that the equipment developed meets or exceeds all predefined performance specifications.

The MCE Fabrication Facility has a 15-ton bridge crane with a 25-foot hook height. Head height of the fabrication bay is 35 feet. The facility is laid out to maximize segregation of stainless steel from carbon steel with multiple welding stations and associated tooling, fixturing, measurement, and test equipment. MCE contracts with Local 598 for qualified journeyman welders who perform all welding operations. MCE’s diverse staff and facilities allow for many unique services.

MCE has extensive experience with test design, fabrication, setup of test equipment, test plan and procedure preparation.  In addition, MCE is well versed in test implementation and reporting in support of prototype, proof-of-principle testing and equipment qualification for government-sponsored and commercial clients. MCE can provide qualified test engineers and technicians to support any testing project, or provide personnel as needed in support of our customer's test engineers.
Our lay-down yard has four dedicated test pads with electrical, water and compressed air services. Support structures are available where elevation is critical for testing or can be built to your specifications and anchored to test pad embeds.

Test experience includes:
• Slurry Transport Systems - Process Proof-of-Principle Testing.
• Component Qualification Testing
• Slurry Transfer Line Functional Test
• Autosampler Test Loop
• Pump Erosion Test Loop
• Sample Bottle Flush Testing
• Assay-Pinch Valve Skid Testing
• Pneumatic Conveyance Test

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